Government is constantly changing. Businesses are hoping the regulatory environment will remain the same. It won’t. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace, businesses must influence the rules of tomorrow’s regulations. Honigman’s Government Relations and Regulatory Group shapes those changes in order to benefit our clients’ needs. Whether it’s a state appropriation, change in law, or needed regulatory action, Honigman’s Government Relations and Regulatory attorneys and professionals will navigate legislative and agency processes to accomplish our clients’ goals.

Our clients include trade and professional associations, individuals, political candidates, private groups, closely held businesses, and major public corporations. We are involved in the legislative, regulatory, administrative, and litigation arenas. We work with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as with numerous branches of government.

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Knowledge Matters

When lawmakers see a Honigman attorney or professional, they know our government relations professionals have done their homework and know the subject matter like an expert. Whether it is complicated environmental regulations, the dense tax code, or multi-faceted funding formulas, lawmakers rely on Honigman for answers to difficult questions.

Relationships Matter

Based on this in-depth knowledge, we are able to articulate a client’s position to those who can actually bring about change. Honigman attorneys have ongoing and strong relationships with decision-makers and influencers in government. These connections make all the difference when it comes to pushing for change and getting positive and timely results for our clients.

Trust & Credibility Matters

Effective change also requires lawmakers and state department executives to trust those that are advocating for their clients. Honigman attorneys have earned credibility as a result our longstanding associations with government policy makers. We bridge the gap between the public space and our client’s private interests due to the trust placed in us by both sides.

Experience Matters

A few examples of where and how Honigman’s attorneys have made a difference:

  • Facing a sizeable cut in state funding, assisted our client in restoring health care provider rate cuts.
  • Secured an eight-year contract extension from state government for a major information technology firm.
  • Defeated legislation that reshaped the composition of the newly created redistricting commission.

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