Honigman has unusual experience in economic issues, based on the graduate school economics training of several of our attorneys. Of course, these issues are often critical in antitrust litigation. Damages, class certification in antitrust class actions, and support for theories of market power, market definition, and anticompetitive effects often turn on expert economic testimony.

As a result, we have often taken the lead in addressing economic issues, even in large multiparty cases. This has included both challenges to the opposing parties’ economic experts and work with our clients’ experts.

We have been very successful in challenging the opposing party’s economists and other experts. In a number of cases, our efforts have resulted in one or more of the following: 

  • Exclusion of our opponent’s expert economic testimony on liability
  • Exclusion of all or part of our opponent’s damages testimony
  • Successful defense of class certification
  • Successful motion for summary judgment

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