White Collar Crime and Investigations


Honigman’s White Collar Crime and Investigations practice group provides skilled and experienced representation in matters relating to investigations, criminal prosecutions, and civil enforcement in federal and state courts throughout the country. Our clients include both public and private corporations as well as individuals. We have substantive experience with a variety of industries, including national and international manufacturing and sales, environmental, retail, construction, professional services, and healthcare.

Our practice includes former federal prosecutors and other distinguished professionals with many years of experience as practitioners, lecturers, and authors in the field of white collar crime. We address matters relating to federal and state grand jury subpoenas, electronic surveillance, computer crime, federal and state taxation, the environment, fraud, public and private corruption, securities, workplace regulations, qui tam actions, and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). On the civil side, we guide clients through civil penalty and contract debarment issues that often arise after the conclusion of a criminal investigation.

Honigman's attorneys provide counseling and assistance to decision-makers whose judgments may have potential criminal law implications. We advise on and conduct internal corporate investigations of possible criminal or unethical activities and also aid in communications to federal and state criminal and regulatory officials regarding those investigations. Our attorneys also can help those who become involved as victims of criminal activities at the hands of their employees or others. 

Honigman has been notably successful in persuading federal and state authorities not to pursue civil or criminal sanctions against our clients. However, when necessary, we have significant experience in the courtroom, including representations in noteworthy criminal matters of national interest and of legal import.

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