Honigman’s Urban Redevelopment practice group has broad capabilities and experience addressing a multitude of urban development and redevelopment challenges and issues around the country. In Detroit, we are one of the leading law firms working closely with major developers to revitalize the city. Our history includes involvement in signature projects that began the revitalization process, including the original Renaissance Center development and its later redevelopment into the world headquarters of General Motors, the Millender Center, the Riverfront Apartments, One Detroit Center, Campus Martius, Compuware’s world headquarters, and Comerica Park.

We have and continue to work on projects that redefine Detroit as a major center of commerce and global trade, a residential and entertainment hotbed, and a case study of repurposing historic buildings into technology hubs and business incubators. 

Honigman's client experience extends throughout the State of Michigan, and our attorneys are leaders in the Urban Land Institute in the state. The mission of ULI is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities. 

We facilitate the development of commercial, office, industrial, retail, residential, multi-use, gambling, and hospitality properties through each stage from project planning to funding and incentives through to final completion. We are able to provide a deeply experienced multidisciplinary team to help guide our clients with respect to regulatory, financial, and business challenges. 

Honigman's economic incentives professionals have extensive experience and success in using incentive programs to minimize costs and increase available capital to development projects. We are able to assist with zoning compliance, historic preservation issues, and real estate tax issues. Our Urban Development team also consists of experienced attorneys in the areas of zoning and land use, construction, leasing, lending, and finance.

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