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We have been involved in substantial activities involving counseling and litigation with respect to manufacturing industries. Some examples include the following:

  • Helmac Products v. Roth Plastics. Helmac sued Roth under the Antidumping Act of 1916, alleging that Roth sold manufactured products in the U.S. at prices substantially below those at which it sold in Canada.
  • Tradeshow Marketing, Inc. v. Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Defense of claim regarding alleged boycott of manufacturing engineering trade show.
  • Hy-Ko Products Co. v. Hillman Group, Inc. Defense of claims relating to replacement key industry.
  • Defended Federal Trade Commission investigations of two mergers involving manufacturers of engine bearings.
  • Defended investigation of mergers of companies involved in manufacturing of oil field services equipment and auto parts.
  • Counseled clients regarding mergers of manufacturers of hardware, plumbing equipment, and home products.
  • Defended Department of Justice investigation of automotive parts joint venture.
  • National Beverage Systems, Inc. v. Leonard Fountain Specialties, Inc. Defense of claim of predatory pricing and unfair trade practices.

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