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Honigman's Insurance Regulatory practice group maintains solid relationships with insurance regulators throughout the country, particularly in Michigan. Insurers operate in a highly regulated environment under which each state establishes its own requirements and practices. While state insurance requirements are frequently consistent, this is not always true, as many regulated entities discover only when they are on the wrong side of an enforcement action. 

Our Insurance Regulatory attorneys participate in a network of attorneys concentrating in insurance throughout the United States, with whom we confer to assist our clients in multi-state transactions or to answer questions about specific state requirements.

Federal regulation of insurance is expanding, and compliance with the increasingly complex regulations of multiple jurisdictions has become a greater challenge for insurers. In addition, insurers frequently are subject to unwritten desk requirements of various insurance departments, which cannot be determined from statutes and regulations. 

Our practice also includes working with insurance companies, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), insurance agents and brokers, third-party administrators (TPA), and other regulated entities—not only with respect to state licensure, regulation, and oversight matters—but also with respect to the myriad and growing number of federal laws that affect the products they market or administer (e.g., the Affordable Care Act, HIPAA, GINA, the ADEA, and the ADA). Especially in the area of employee benefits, we work with these entities to help ensure that their policies, contracts, products, and materials not only are legally compliant but also best meet their needs as both producers and employers, as well as the needs of their key-target market of employer/plan sponsors.    

We also work with in-house attorneys with traditional corporate law backgrounds to assist these various and diverse regulated entities in managing the complexities of their businesses.

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