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Honigman’s Appellate Advocacy practice is a component of our leading Litigation department, which has been ranked in the top tier in the state by Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business for the past several years. Our team of appellate attorneys is skilled in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of trial court results, analyzing complex appellate questions, and presenting reasoned answers to judges simply and persuasively.


Effective appellate advocacy requires a special set of skills. Outstanding appellate advocates can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a trial court result. They understand how appellate judges view their role in reviewing a case. They are comfortable navigating the types of complex jurisprudential questions that often arise in the appellate context. They are experienced with the nuances of engaging in oral argument before multi-judge panels. And, they can write briefs that are clear, straightforward, engaging, and persuasive.

Appellate advocacy is where cases are finally won or lost. At this critical stage, you do not want to leave your case in the hands of a lawyer who does not have the necessary experience and knowledge. Honigman’s Appellate Advocacy practice consists of accomplished appellate advocates who have helped clients navigate complex matters in courts across the country. We have advocated before every level of state and federal appellate court. Our group includes dozens of former law clerks, as well as attorneys who have taught appellate advocacy through continuing legal education programs and in one of the nation’s leading law schools.

The group includes attorneys listed in The Best Lawyers in America and Chambers USA.


Our Appellate Advocacy practice group leverages the substantive legal knowledge, technical acumen, and extensive in-court experience of our accomplished attorneys to meet the business needs and legal objectives of our clients. We do so in a variety of ways.

  • Appeals from the trial courts - In appeals from trial court decisions, we seek first to understand the client’s goals for our representation and their purpose in pursuing or defending an appeal. Then we work hard to advance those goals by developing an overall appellate strategy, drafting powerful and persuasive briefs, and crafting a thoughtful and creative oral argument. Our deep bench in the appellate field allows us to draw on counsel with a wide array of experiences, including with individual judges, various technical appellate problems, and complex procedural issues.
  • Appeals from trial court matters handled by other firms - Our Appellate Advocacy attorneys are often retained to handle appeals in cases originally litigated by other law firms in the trial courts. Our advocates can often make a more objective review of the trial record and assessment of the appellate posture of the case. Cases—particularly complex cases with long histories in the lower court—often greatly benefit from a fresh look by our highly experienced appellate advocates.
  • Issues pending in the trial courts - Our appellate attorneys also consult on cases that are still pending in the trial courts. In certain matters, it is critical that an issue—or an entire case—be properly framed to ensure success in defending or pursuing subsequent appeals. In such matters, our attorneys work seamlessly with existing trial counsel to develop a strategy that preserves beneficial appellate arguments, while strategically narrowing the available arguments of opponents.
  • Consultation with other firms on issues and appeals - Our Appellate Advocacy practice also consults on matters where other firms serve as lead counsel. Our attorneys draw on their extensive experience with the region’s courts and judges to provide insight regarding procedural rules and tactical considerations. In matters pending in courts outside of the region, particularly matters arising out of nationwide class-actions and multidistrict litigation, our attorneys are often called upon to provide arguments and advice on issues that involve the substantive law of the region.
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No matter the scope of the engagement, the Appellate Advocacy practice group focuses on achieving a successful business result efficiently and effectively. Members of our practice have appeared in hundreds of cases in the federal and state appellate courts and have obtained successful results in a large percentage of those matters.

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