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Honigman’s Construction industry group's approach to construction law is highly sophisticated and unique. Through the coordinated efforts of attorneys experienced in construction, real estate, and litigation, we represent construction clients with maximum efficiency from the earliest point in the planning stages of a project through to ultimate resolution of even the most complex claims. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the many facets of the construction process and assist clients in developing a plan that minimizes legal risks.

Construction Industry Group Services

Clients turn to the Construction industry group for advice on nearly every aspect of the construction process including:

  • Planning and structuring relationships and negotiating contracts and agreements among owners, developers, architects, design consultants, contractors, construction managers, design builders, lenders, title insurance companies, and tenants
  • Consultation regarding LEED-certification, design and construction issues under green leases, design and construction of alternative energy production facilities for developments, and other sustainability-related issues
  • Preparation of front-end documents
  • Consultation regarding state, local, and federal investment incentives and negotiation of incentives
  • Construction lending and disbursement
  • Construction administration
  • Bonding matters
  • Dispute and lien claim resolution
  • Coordinating construction and design agreements with zoning and land use laws, as well as coordinating relations among the client, the architect, the contractor, the lender, and major tenants
  • Preparation and negotiation of customized documents tailored to specific client and/or project needs
  • Preparation of form documents geared to the projects and financing typically undertaken by a client

Honigman's attorneys are experienced in construction delivery mechanisms, including fixed-price, cost-plus, and guaranteed maximum price general contracting, as well as construction management, multi-prime contracting, design-build, fast-track, partnering, and several hybrid mechanisms, such as specialized preconstruction/construction arrangements. The combined construction and real estate experience of the Construction industry group allows us to approach the construction program on a transactional basis in which the terms of the construction and design contracts are carefully coordinated with each other and all other agreements. In addition, we have particularly rich experience in addressing the problems and requirements of government-financed projects, as we have been involved in projects such as the Detroit People Mover; the Jefferson-Connor Industrial Revitalization Project in Detroit, Michigan; the Zilwaukee Bridge in Zilwaukee, Michigan; the Mazda Assembly Plant in Flat Rock, Michigan; and numerous U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) projects across the country. We are also proficient in environmentally driven construction issues and possess extensive experience in areas such as asbestos abatement, removal of PCBs, and treatment of underground storage tanks.

Litigation Services

The Construction industry group and our construction litigation attorneys work closely in identifying, evaluating, and minimizing litigation risks in connection with construction activities. When litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, attorneys from the Litigation department take the lead by applying their construction experience and trial advocacy skills to gain the maximum benefit for our clients. Our experienced litigators handle routine litigation problems such as construction lien suits for many owners, contractors, and subcontractors. They are equally strong in complex and lengthy litigation matters. For example, our litigation team conducted one of the longest construction contract trials in Michigan court history. In this 10-month trial, our litigators successfully defended the owner of Detroit's Renaissance Center against a contractor's claim for extra payments and actually won a recovery from the contractor for deficient performance.

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