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11 law students join Honigman’s 2011 Summer Associate Program

May 23, 2011

Honigman is committed to offering its summer associates a stimulating, realistic and exciting slice of legal life. The firm’s Summer Associate Program consists of interesting work assignments; legal workshops; one-on-one training and mentoring; and feedback from assigning attorneys and mentors. The summer program lasts for 12 weeks and Honigman is hopeful that its summer associates will join the firm upon graduation from law school.

“We also provide a variety of social events, which offers the associates numerous opportunities to build relationships with the firm’s attorneys and each other outside of a business setting,” said Nick Gorga, the firm’s Recruiting Partner and a Partner in the Litigation Department. “It also gives us a chance to highlight the great attributes of Detroit, where our offices are headquartered, and of Michigan, where all of Honigman’s offices are located, that make this a wonderful place to live and work.”

This year’s group of summer associates includes nine second-year and two first-year law students for a total of 11, coming from some of the most noted law schools in the country. Honigman's 2011 summer associates and the law schools they are now attending are listed below. For more information about Honigman’s Summer Associate Program, click here.     

Brittany M. Chulis
University of Michigan Law School

Amber Hay
University of Michigan Law School

Ahmad Huda
University of Pennsylvania Law School

Ryan Jackson
University of Michigan Law School

Jessica Lebeis
University of Michigan Law School

Jeremy D. Lockhart
University of Michigan Law School

Martha McCoy
Harvard Law School

Janet Soave
Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Jessica M. Warren
Michigan State University College of Law

Alexander Whang
Indiana University Mauer School of Law

David A. Williams
Harvard Law School