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Honigman Launches Workout, Foreclosure and Distressed Property Practice Group

November 3, 2008

Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, a leading business law firm based in Michigan with an international practice, has announced the formation of its Workout, Foreclosure and Distressed Property Practice Group. With substantial experience in distressed real estate property reformation and extensive knowledge in the laws associated with such properties, Honigman developed the interdisciplinary group to assist with the restructuring efforts of distressed real properties for public and private entities. The group includes attorneys in Real Estate, Real Estate Tax Appeals, Affordable Housing, Bankruptcy, Reorganization and Commercial, Construction, Corporate, Finance, Investment Incentives, Litigation, and Tax Law.

With clients located throughout the United States, the Workout, Foreclosure and Distressed Property Practice Group was created to address matters associated with distressed secured assets involving neighborhood and regional retail centers, industrial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, hospitality properties such as restaurants, hotels, resorts and golf courses, condominiums and single and multifamily housing projects.

“As a firm, we recognize that distressed assets in this environment must be dealt with by practitioners in an effective and efficient manner” said Gregory J. DeMars, chair of the practice group. “This firm has decided that the best approach is an interdisciplinary approach with multiple departments headed by one task force. We believe that the creation of this task force will garner results for clients and also ensure that the attorneys of this firm have the resources to deal with these important matters.”

With support from more than 230 legal practitioners in 40 different concentrations, Honigman’s Workout, Foreclosure and Distressed Property Practice Group is a comprehensive legal resource for representing a multitude of distressed businesses and/or assets including: 

Acquisition funds and other institutional lenders with distressed secured assets 

  • Banks 
  • Borrowers 
  • Creditors 
  • Debt and equity funds 
  • Developers 
  • Guarantors 
  • Loan servicers 
  • Management companies 
  • Mortgage loan brokers 
  • Pension funds 
  • Receivers 
  • Syndicators and other equity providers

Whether a lender, borrower, guarantor, investor, lien claimant or other interested party, Honigman’s Workout, Foreclosure and Distressed Property Practice Group will provide experienced, knowledgeable and effective solutions and options.

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