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Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP Announces Technology and Intellectual Property Practice Group

September 1, 2000

Technology and Intellectual Property Group

About the Group

Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP's Technology and Intellectual Property Practice Group is an inter-disciplinary team of 18 attorneys who have expertise in a wide range of areas relating to technology and intellectual property.

The Group represents public and private for-profit and nonprofit entities and individuals in transactional and litigation matters, and consults with clients with respect to their technology and intellectual property. The Group represents high-technology clients, whose technology and proprietary rights are among their most significant assets, as well as other clients with needs for technology or intellectual property representation.

Our Services

The areas in which the technology and intellectual property group provides services include the following:

  • Business Planning and Development – Our attorneys counsel clients in all phases of their corporate development, including formation, capital raising, technology development and protection, strategic partnering, acquisitions and dispositions. Attorneys within and outside of the Group are available to provide assistance as required in virtually all areas. Our expertise in representing publicly traded corporations and in planning for public and private offerings is invaluable in getting new ventures off on the right foot.

  • Venture Capital – The Group represents both companies seeking venture capital financing and entities and individuals that provide venture capital financing, in the formation of new enterprises and in subsequent rounds of financing. We have expertise in all aspects of venture capital financing, including entity structuring, management control and entity governance, and exit strategy planning.

  • E-Commerce – We represent companies which transact business through e-commerce, or over the Internet. We represent companies whose sole business is conducted through e-commerce, as well as companies with more traditional businesses that deal with customers, suppliers or peers electronically.

  • Acquisitions and Dispositions – We represent both acquirers and sellers in technology company acquisitions and dispositions. We are experienced in dealing with the issues that are so important in these transactions, including ownership of technology and related rights, dealings and contractual arrangements with key personnel, complex tax and accounting structuring, securities registration and anti-fraud compliance, and regulatory compliance.

  • Litigation – We have extensive expertise in technology and intellectual property litigation, including patent, trademark and copyright infringement actions, trade secret and unfair competition litigation, licensing and other contractual disputes, and enforcement of confidentiality and noncompetition agreements. Our litigators have represented publicly traded systems manufacturers not only in commercial litigation but also in highly technical litigation involving the development of source code, compilers, microprocessors and other system components. Our litigators have extensive experience working with experts in computer science, mathematics and other developmental disciplines. Our litigation experience is in federal and state court, as well as in alternate dispute resolution forums.

  • Trademark, Copyrights and Trade Secrets – Our attorneys work with a wide variety of clients on the development, protection and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We counsel clients with respect to the development and implementation of effective strategies to protect their proprietary rights and litigate disputes in those areas when necessary. We work with a variety of expert patent law firms with which we have developed relationships, as appropriate to serve our clients' needs.

  • Licensing, Distribution and Technology Transfer – We represent clients in the acquisition, development and exploitation of technology and other proprietary rights through licensing, distribution, technology transfer and other agreements.

  • Licensing of Computer Software and Acquisition and Leasing of Computer Hardware – We represent companies in the design, development and acquisition of customized computer systems, in the acquisition of off-the-shelf and customized computer software and hardware, in agreements for the provision of information technology services, including outsourcing, in the development of ASP solutions and in other transactions with respect to information technology products and services.

  • Intellectual Property Audits – We counsel clients with respect to the enforcement of their intellectual property rights as well as the avoidance of infringement of the rights of third parties. We review our clients' intellectual property and intellectual property protection measures and assist clients in effectively positioning themselves to preserve and take advantage of their rights.

Our Clients

We represent clients in many different industries, including software products and services, telecommunications, medical devices, contract manufacturing, and mechanical and electrical products and components.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing efficient, effective, value-added services to our clients, to being responsive to their needs and to keeping abreast of legal and technological developments for the benefit of our clients.