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Honigman eeets and exceeds ABA-EPA law office Climate Challenge

April 3, 2008

Detroit-based business law firm Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP (Honigman) has recently been certified as meeting the requirements for the American Bar Association - Environmental Protection Agency (ABA-EPA) Law Office Climate Challenge.   Honigman is one of only 49 certified law firms in the nation.

The ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge is designed to encourage law firms to become improved environmental and energy stewards.

"Environmental awareness is important to Honigman," said David Foltyn, CEO of Honigman. "Law firms' large use of paper alone can be an enormous contributor to waste and energy inefficiency.  It is important for us to be part of the solution rather than add to the problem. Because we feel such a heavy responsibility in this area, we have far exceeded the steps necessary to meet the Challenge's standards.  This was not a time when ‘just enough' would suffice."

Honigman has chosen to focus on both paper recycling and energy conservation.  Paper recycling has been a heavily encouraged practice at Honigman for several years, and is now complemented by the firm's use of "eco" or "green" paper produced entirely in compliance with green standards.  The firm also is planning to introduce a program designed to encourage double-sided printing and photocopying.

Honigman has also signed on to the EPA's Energy Star program.  As a participant, the firm has purchased Energy Star electrical equipment and has changed its lighting from incandescent to fluorescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Attorneys and staff are continuously encouraged to turn lights off in unused rooms, and battery, plastic and light bulb recycling programs are being expanded to all four Honigman offices.

Honigman plans to continue its deep commitment to environmental awareness beyond this certification and has established a Green Office Initiatives Task Force.  The group includes a diverse membership from all offices and will continuously brainstorm ideas and implement procedures to sustain resources, protect the environment, reduce Honigman's carbon foot-print, and promote the positive impact of the efforts to the staff and greater business community.

"We thank the ABA and the EPA for bringing awareness and immediacy to environmental and energy issues in a law-firm setting, and for giving our firm the opportunity to re-focus our conservation efforts," Foltyn said.  "Our certification in this Challenge should not be seen as an end but as a beginning.  We hope other Michigan firms will join us in this worthy endeavor."