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Carol Friend Quoted in the Feldman Report on WWJ News Radio 950

January 24, 2003
WWJ-AM Radio - Detroit
8:53 a.m.
January 24, 2003   A warning for small businesses…websites that try to sell you forms or information on immigration related matters are just trying to rip you off.  I'm Murray Feldman, with the Feldman Report on WWJ News Radio 950.   Since the terrorist attacks many business owners and human resource professionals have taken extra steps to follow immigration laws. The web can be a useful way to do that, but Carol Friend, who leads the business immigration law practice at Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn in Detroit, says the Immigration and Naturalization Service is now warning the public to steer clear of misleading and imposter government websites.   If you're at a website that claims to offer INS forms and immigration information, but then asks you to pay for it, the experts say click away. You can get all the forms and information you need for free from the INS or other government websites. Carol Friend, at Honigman Miller in Detroit, reminds employers that only websites ending in "dot gov" are official government websites, and if you find anything online about immigration that looks questionable, you should alert the INS.   With the Feldman Report, I'm Murray Feldman, FOX 2, WWJ News Radio 950.
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