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Association Corporate Counsel and Honigman presents Duties of Directors and Officers & Shareholders and Partnership Disputes

October 7, 2008
Birmingham, MI

Duties of Directors and Officers

In pursuit of their decision making and oversight functions, corporate directors have, individually and collectively, various duties, responsibilities, and rights. Changes in corporate governance standards resulting from the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Securities and Exchange Commission rules, and New York Stock Exchange regulations, increased the compliance and disclosure requirements that the boards of companies must address. Our panelists will discuss current developments and practical guidance important to general and in-house counsel in meeting the responsibilities of the board, while not interfering unnecessarily with business operations.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes: How to Avoid Them

Directors and management of companies, and general partners in partnerships, face the constant challenge of potential litigation at the behest of minority shareholders or limited partners who may be dissatisfied with their limited governance roles or the returns on their investments. Shareholder and partnership litigation is an extremely expensive drain on scarce resources that should be devoted to pursuing business opportunities in these challenging economic times. The panelists will also cover preventive steps that can be taken to help reduce the chance of costly litigation and to enhance the prospects of successful results if litigation should occur.

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