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CLE 32nd Annual Advanced State & Local Tax Institute

May 14, 2009
Washington, D.C.
600 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington, District of Columbia

Now in its 32nd year, this Institute is bringing together the finest from the State and Local Tax (SALT) industry, both as faculty and attendees. This annual Institute has gained a nationwide reputation as one of the best SALT conferences in the country. Sessions include the annual debate on recent cases between Paul Frankel and Professor Richard Pomp, ethical issues facing today’s SALT practitioners and an up-to-date analysis of state tax developments on a regional basis.

10:15-11:00 am

Implementation & Administrative Issues in Administering Gross Receipts Taxes; Perspectives from State Administrators & Taxpayers

Philip M. Zinn

Sarah Hedman O’Leary
Francina A. Dlouhy
Lynn A. Gandhi

This panel will review the current trend towards adoption of gross receipts, net worth and hybrid taxes, and the implementation and administration issues faced by both revenue departments and corporate taxpayers in understanding, adopting and implementing the necessary tools and processes
to timely comply with reporting requirements.

They will also consider the issues of why certain states repealed their gross receipts taxes and discuss whether these non-income taxes will live up to their promised benefits.

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