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Midwest Environmental Compliance Conference

October 29-30, 2015
Chicago, IL

5 Reasons to Attend the Midwest Environmental Compliance Conference, Chicago

Midwest Environmental Compliance Conference
Chicago, October 29-30, 2015

Let's face it, some things in your work life simply cannot be learned in the office or on the internet. Here are five reasons why environmental professionals are meeting in Chicago in October:

1. Great Agenda. You could spend weeks researching and compiling the information that our Speakers will provide. Plus, as experts on the topic, they add their own insight to the facts. In short, we have done the heavy lifting for you on a host of issues on WOTUS, CPP, Ozone, Compliance Auditing Best Practices, Next Generation Compliance, Great Lakes Issues, and more than a dozen other key issues.

2. Personalized Attention from Speakers. MECC speakers stick around to answer questions face-to-face. Try getting that service on the Internet.

3. Relationships Matter. The first time you meet with a State or Federal regulator should not be sitting across the table in an austere, windowless meeting room.  A;so, you can make a personal assessment of a consultant when you can interact with them directly.

4. Great Regulator Input. We are appreciative and thankful for the high level participation of our State and Federal regulators. They have joined us to discuss emerging State and Regional issues in Water, Air and Waste. On Day One, we host "States as the Engine of Creativity."

5. Staff Refresher Trainings. Designed for both seasoned staff and those less seasoned, these short courses are taught by EHS staff and experts and cover Compliance Tips, Community Relations, RMP Deficiencies, Best Resources for EHS staff, Most Common NPDES Violations, and much more.

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