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Honigman Capitol Report

January 27, 2021

Michigan State of the State Address

Governor Whitmer’s State of the State address “Fixing the Road Ahead,” focused on calling for bold bipartisan action to grow the economy, end the pandemic, and help Michigan families:



  • The Governor announced the Michigan COVID-19 Recovery Plan:
    • This states that the goal is to vaccinate 50k Michiganders per day
    • She will call on the Legislature to permanently extend unemployment benefits to 26 weeks, bringing us in line with 40 other states
  • She is calling on the Legislature to pass the Good Jobs for Michigan legislation
  • She also introduced the Michigan Back to Work Plan

Funding for Local Roads

  • The Governor is calling on the Legislature to provide local governments with more options to fix roads and bridges

Opening Schools

  • The Governor announced the Michigan Classroom Heroes Grant, which will allow grants of up to $500 to show teachers, classroom personnel, etc., the State’s appreciation
  • She will reconvene the Michigan Return to School Advisory Group
  • The budget recommendation will include funding for academic recovery, school infrastructure, and student mental and physical health

Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

  • The Governor also announced that the bipartisan Prescription Drug Task Force has developed a plan to lower prescription drug costs and increase transparency

Clean Drinking Water

  • She announced the Michigan Clean Water Plan, which calls for a $500 million investment in clean water, including money to communities and residents, as well as money for green infrastructure
  • This will include the creation of 7,500 new jobs
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