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Department of Labor announces continued crack down on alleged wage and hour violations

September 12, 2013

Employers should be vigilant, now more than ever, concerning the steps they take to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws. This was confirmed by the Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez at the AFL-CIO convention earlier this week, when he announced that the Department of Labor will continue to be a “credible deterrent” to employers who misclassify their employees and violate wage and hour laws. According to Perez, the Department of Labor is “cracking down” harder on the “unfair, illegal” and “fraud[ulent]” practice of employers misclassifying their employees as independent contractors. Perez also assured that the Department of Labor will be “aggressive” in enforcing wage and hour laws and intends to “make use of all of the tools in [its] arsenal including, but not limited to, liquidated damages in cases involving egregious violations.” Perez also discussed the federal agency’s ongoing commitment to ensuring workplace safety and increasing the federal minimum wage.

With the Department of Labor’s recent proclamation, it is a good time to assess your wage and hour compliance, including by reviewing classification of workers, policies on independent contractors, and overtime and wage payment practices and policies.

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