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Michigan Achieves First Milestone in “Vacc-to-Normal” Plan; Will Lift Remote Work Requirement

May 11, 2021

Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that Michigan has achieved the first milestone in the “Vacc-to-Normal” Plan (Plan) by vaccinating more than 55% of residents aged sixteen years or older.  Under the Plan, Step One starts on May 24, two weeks after the milestone was achieved.  In Step One, in-person work is allowed for all sectors of business.  Until then, the requirement in the MIOSHA Emergency Rules for employers to have a remote work policy remains in place.  Once the requirement is rescinded, in-person work can resume, although employers will still need to follow the remaining mitigation strategies contained in the Emergency Rules.

We will send out further alerts as MIOSHA guidance becomes available.  If you have questions about this or any other workforce issue, please contact your relationship attorney or one of Honigman’s Labor and Employment attorneys.

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