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Personal property exemption denials should be appealed ASAP

March 2, 2016

The exemption for Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property is now being implemented in earnest. We understand that some exemption claims have been denied. You need to preserve any rights you have to obtain the exemption, and should take the necessary steps to protest your exemption before the March Board of Review, if any of the following has occurred: 

  • you received a denial of the exemption 
  • the assessor returns to you the affidavit form you filed
  • the status of your exemption is otherwise unclear

Rules for protesting to the March Board of Review vary throughout the State. Waiting until a problem gets “sorted out” by the assessor may cause you to lose your appeal rights, and therefore the exemption for 2016. Honigman’s Property Tax professionals can assist with protesting to the March Board of Review as well as other appeals, if needed. 

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