Law School Graduates & Associates

At Honigman, we value motivated and talented law students who seek a long and fulfilling career after graduation. Many of our partners, including those in senior management, grew up through our summer program. For them, Honigman has been the first and last firm where they work.

Professional Attorney Track

In addition to its Summer Associate program, Honigman has implemented an industry-setting Professional Attorney Track which provides recent law school graduates with opportunities for career advancement, skill development, firm involvement and exposure to a variety of practice areas within the firm. The Professional Attorney Track is separate from the partnership track in which Associates participate, and has no business development obligations.

Three Tiers

What this Track can mean for you:

  • Enjoy similar path progression and advancement as partnership-track lawyers without the partnership-track pressures.
  • As a staff attorney, gain exposure to a mix of practice areas across the firm through assignments in various departments and practice groups.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in secondments and other client-focused initiatives.
  • Enjoy training and professional development offerings to advance your legal skills and career goals.
  • Participate as a key member of the firm’s legal operational efforts to adopt new practice technologies, legal project management functions, product/service development and more.
  • Hold management/leadership roles in Supervising Staff and Senior Attorney positions.
  • Be fulfilled through a balance of interesting work and competitive compensation/benefit packages combined with opportunities for firm committee and leadership involvement.