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Law Students

Attorney Development & Recruitment


A group orientation is scheduled each September when most new associates begin work. Orientation includes an overview of general office procedures and policies, computer training, a meeting with our library staff, sessions with other associates, meetings with individual attorneys in the new associate's department and an introductory tour. Associates who begin work at other times during the year receive an individualized orientation.


Honigman GPS

Your success is the firm’s success. The Attorney Development & Recruitment team is dedicated to ensuring that our attorneys have state-of-the-art tools necessary for their professional development. Our GPS (Growth-Professionalism-Success) Core Competency Framework provides a road map for success by articulating the skills to be mastered at each level of development.

Our training programs are facilitated both by Honigman partners and by external, national subject-matter experts and are part of our concerted effort to prepare associates for direct client contact and significant responsibility on important matters from the outset of their careers. Trained mentors also work to accelerate associates' integration into the firm and provide support until they are promoted to non-percentage partner.

Each department maintains a unique training checklist that benchmarks both the substantive and business development skills necessary to be a successful attorney. Some of our recent training programs include:

  • Department-specific lunch training sessions geared toward new associates
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Advanced Transactional Drafting
  • Business Etiquette: The Rules of Engagement
  • Communicate to Influence: Oral Advocacy and Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills for Transactional Attorneys
  • Negotiation Skills for Litigators
  • Making Rain YOUR Way
  • Individual Writing Coaching
  • The Honigman Business Fundamentals Institute

Honigman's Department of Attorney Development & Recruitment also offers Executive Coaching for individualized career development. Coaching equips our attorneys to build on their strengths and neutralize "blind spots" that can compromise results and hinder success.