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Law Students

Summer Associate Program

At Honigman, we are committed to offering our summer associates a stimulating, realistic and exciting slice of legal life.

By joining our Summer Associate Program, you will experience challenging days filled with client work, relationship-building opportunities and lively activities. You will be an important part of the team, interacting with attorneys and other professionals who are open, accessible, and friendly.  Our goal is to help you evaluate your career interests and shape your future as a knowledgeable, well-rounded lawyer.

We offer employment to law students for the summer following their second year of law school. The Summer Associate Program is designed to ensure that each of our summer associates obtains a meaningful "hands on" understanding of what it is like to practice law at our firm.  Summer associates participate in a variety of stimulating, intellectually challenging work assignments, observation opportunities, training, feedback sessions, social events and informal gatherings.  Whenever possible, we involve students in conference calls and meetings on matters in which they are involved.

We hire every 2L summer associate with the hope and expectation that he or she will become our colleague upon graduation from law school.  We look forward to getting to know you and we appreciate your interest in Honigman.

For additional information, please contact Chauncey Mayfield, Hiring Partner, at (313) 465-7536 or cmayfield@honigman.com, or Gabriel Bedoya, Assistant Hiring Partner, at (313) 465-7254 or gbedoya@honigman.com.

Job Offers

We make decisions on associate job offers based on the totality of each summer associate's experience, including the quality of written work, evaluations from assigning attorneys, sustained academic performance and demonstrated professionalism.

Traditionally, we make and communicate these decisions before Labor Day each year. A summer associate who accepts a one-year judicial clerkship is eligible to receive an offer to become an associate following completion of the clerkship. A summer associate who accepts a two-year judicial clerkship is not eligible to receive an offer, but will be told whether an offer otherwise would have been made. We keep in touch with two-year clerks throughout their clerkships and many of them join us after completing their clerkships.