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Law School Graduates & Associates

Salary & Benefits

When an associate joins Honigman, we anticipate a long-term relationship and our generous compensation packages start on day one. The Honigman starting associate salary is $150,000. Following the first full calendar year of employment, the firm's Attorney Compensation Committee will review each associate's individual performance and determine his or her total compensation for the year. Our attorneys generally receive compensation that exceeds that of most of their colleagues at comparable firms. Compensation is based primarily on individual performance in a merit-based system, rather than on seniority.

In 2020, actual associate compensation (including salary and credit for generation of new legal business) was:

First full calendar year:   Low $150,000 Median $160,000 High $170,000
Second full calendar year: Low $175,000 Median $180,000  High $190,000
Third full calendar year:  Low $175,000 Median $185,000    High $230,000   

In addition to compensation, Honigman offers many benefits, including comprehensive medical coverage and dental care programs, life and disability insurance, student loan refinancing and consolidation services, open vacation, a 401(k) plan, and paid parking.

Honigman offers 18 weeks of paid maternity leave or six weeks of paid paternity leave after 12 months with the firm. (Nine weeks paid maternity leave and three weeks paid paternity leave are offered during the first 12 months.) The firm pays the fees for associates’ bar examination and bar review courses and pays reasonable moving expenses for attorneys joining the firm from out-of-state.

Honigman associates and non-percentage partners are also eligible to participate in the firm’s WorkStyle Support Program, which provides up to $2,000 annually to be used to outfit home offices and purchase smart phones, iPads and other portable devices. The firm appreciates that the pace of business is more demanding than ever and that meeting those demands sometimes requires long hours, working from home and working on-the-go. The goal of this program is to make delivering excellent client service as easy as possible for our attorneys and to give attorneys the tools and amenities they need to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Honigman also provides a unique home loan program for new associates and non-percentage partners interested in buying or renovating a home. This interest-free home loan program underscores the unique professional and personal relationships that exist within the firm as well as the firm's commitment to long-term relationships with its attorneys. An eligible associate or non-percentage partner may borrow from the firm, on an interest-free basis, the necessary down payment (up to $50,000) for the purchase or improvement of a home. Repayment of the loan begins in installments over a period of years only after the associate has become a non-percentage partner in the firm. The program is well received by our attorneys and new interest-free loans are made each year.

We do not have a billable hour requirement for associates and find that our new associates uniformly work hard and are presented with many opportunities to do so.  We do not penalize associates for failing to meet a set (and by definition somewhat arbitrary) billable hour target.  Instead, our compensation committee evaluates each attorney individually taking into account the total number of hours, performance evaluations, and practice group.  We also provide feedback to associates so that they understand on an ongoing basis if they are meeting or exceeding expectations, or if there are areas that need improvement.  This approach seems to work better for our associates and therefore the firm.  It also emphasizes our commitment to providing the significant training (both formal and informal) that is so important to develop fully as a complete professional.

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