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Judicial Clerks

Salary & Benefits

Judicial law clerks joining our firm directly following their clerkship will receive a salary at the annual rate of $150,000 plus a $20,000 starting bonus. To learn more about compensation and benefits of associates, click here.

We do not have a billable hours requirement for associates and find that our new associates uniformly work hard and are presented with many opportunities to do so.  We do not penalize associates for failing to meet a set (and by definition somewhat arbitrary) billable hour target.  Instead, our compensation committee evaluates each attorney individually taking into account the total number of hours, performance evaluations, and practice group.  We also provide feedback to associates so that they understand on an ongoing basis if they are meeting or exceeding expectations, or if there are areas that need improvement.  This approach seems to work better for our associates and therefore the firm.  It also emphasizes our commitment to providing the significant training (both formal and informal) that is so important to develop fully as a complete professional.