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    Posts by Michael J. Dauphinais

    Michael is an associate in the firm’s Labor and Employment department. He focuses his practice on employment counseling, litigation, and strategic workforce planning.

    Michael represents employers in various stages of state ...

While courts often interpret Michigan's Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to track Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act, the ELCRA protects more than just employment.

The ELCRA protects against discrimination in employment, housing, real estate, public service, and places of public accommodation, including restaurants, hotels, event venues, and all other businesses and facilities open to the public.

A growing number of states have passed pay equity laws giving employees new rights to request wage information and openly discuss and disclose their wages with other employees and the public.  Some of these states include California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington.  Other states and localities have now enacted pay transparency laws requiring employers to proactively disclose pay ranges for positions (e.g., as part of a job posting or as part of internal communications around a promotion). 

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