Computer Software


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Honigman has been very active in antitrust matters involving the computer software industry, including consultation on mergers, defense of government actions with regard to mergers, litigation and general consulting. Relevant activities have included the following:

  • Compuware v. IBM Corporation.  Compuware alleged that IBM monopolized and/or attempted to monopolize certain mainframe software "tools" markets, and engaged in unlawful tying in these markets.
  • Defended government investigations of mergers in the mainframe computer software industry and the design software industry.
  • Consulted on mergers in the mainframe computer software industry and IT services industries.
  • Advocated regulatory action in connection with a merger relating to testing and debugging software.
  • Litigated several cases involving patent-antitrust issues with respect to voicemail and related software, including Centigram v. VMX, and Dialogic Corporation v. VMX.

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