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Honigman was founded in 1948 by Jason Honigman and Milton J. Miller and was located in the First National Building in Detroit, Michigan, which remains the firm's headquarters.


"Our culture is to attract to the law firm the best and the brightest, to expect everyone to work earnestly and to their full capacities and to be able to create unusual value for our clients and help them achieve their goals, and in doing so helping us to achieve our goals."

Founding Partner Alan E. Schwartz

The history of Honigman began when Jason Honigman, a Russian immigrant, and Milton (Jack) J. Miller, born in Baltimore, Maryland, decided to create the firm Honigman Miller in 1948 in Detroit’s First National Building. Alan E. Schwartz joined Honigman and Miller in 1952 and Irwin Cohn became the last of the founding partners to join the firm in 1961 thereby forming Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP. While they were known for their legal intellect, it was their understanding of their clients’ industries and business goals that made their advice more than simply an adherence to the law.

The basic tenets of the firm have not changed since 1948:

  • Recruit top law school graduates and experienced lawyers
  • Help new attorneys hone their skill by providing challenging work and the ability to develop relationships with clients
  • Provide monetary reward for a high level of work; developing a culture of meritocracy
  • Serve clients by providing the best legal advice based on the client's own business goals
  • Provide the level of service needed by appropriately staffing the matter for resolution

Today, Honigman operates a local, national and international practice from its Michigan offices in Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Lansing, Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo and its Illinois office in Chicago with more than 275 attorneys and 350 staff. Honigman’s attorneys practice in more than 50 different areas of business law and consistently receive high ratings from their peers and clients, both nationally and in the Midwest.