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Law Students

On-Campus Interviews

We interview second-year law students at various law schools throughout the country. Depending on our needs, we also interview third-year law students for new associate positions. We also accept résumés from the top 30 law schools and all schools located in Michigan.

Here is a list of our scheduled 2016 on-campus interviews:

University of Michigan Law School August 4, 2016
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
- Patent Law Interview Program
August 5, 2016
Notre Dame Law School August 8, 2016
Georgetown University  August 9, 2016
Loyola University Chicago School of Law August 9, 2016
University of Chicago Law School August 9, 2016
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law August 9, 2016
Michigan State University College of Law August 10, 2016
Washington University School of Law August 11, 2016  
Indiana University – Maurer School of Law August 15, 2016
Wayne State University Law School August 18, 2016

For additional information, please contact Abby Stover, Director of Attorney Development and Recruitment, at (313) 465-7482 or astover@honigman.com